Back to it! (in more ways than one!)

Not been too well over the past few days, so let the blogging slide – will have to catch up when OH is back at work tomorrow. It was nothing major, but was very painful, so glad it’s over now!

I suppose I should do a proper intro now, seeing as most of my dear readers won’t know the first thing about me! As you  can all see, my name is Katie, I’m almost 32 (6 weeks yesterday – aaargh!) and live in North East Wales in a two bed ground floor flat with my partner of almost 2.5 years, the son of my OH’s partner before me, and his girlfriend. Life is mainly good, but can be quite stressful at times, especially as my OH is the only one of us in full time employment at the moment, and also my housework skills aren’t the best, having not had to do a whole lot of it when I still lived with my parents (I wouldn’t have classed myself as a spoilt child, but I was very definitely a sheltered one).

I was born in England and my parents are both English, yet I grew up in Wales, attended school between the ages of 5-18 here, studied Welsh to ‘A’-level and have one Welsh grandparent – my maternal grandmother), so whilst if anyone shut the border between England and Wales I would be on the English side of it, I am also fiercely proud of my Welsh heritage, to the extent that I own rugby and football tops for both England and Wales.

I’ll be going out for a little while, to the local branch of Slimming World, so I’ll be finishing here shortly. Due to health problems mentioned in my last post, I have always been overweight, and this year is the year I have resolved to do something about it. Speaking of ‘doing something about it’, I do recall joining a site called ‘Fly Lady’ last year, which aims to resolve Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome (see what she did with the first letters there? ;-)) in the home. I never quite got my head around it, but again, I have resolved that this will be the year, so I shall be heading to the stationery shop at some point in the next week or so to buy a binder I can use for my Control Journal.


Happy New Year Everyone!

Well, the New Year’s started with a whimper on my account… OH and I had a ‘disagreement’ about the fact that his ‘stepson’ (his previous partner’s son – my OH has been more of a parent to him than either of his biological ones – who lives with us) stayed out overnight without telling his girlfriend (who also lives with us) where he was – I thought, as my OH is the de facto parent, he should tell his stepson that he was wrong to stay out all night incommunicado; but my OH refused to get involved as it’s “their relationship, not ours,” which upset me a bit.

We’ve both had a lazy day today, watching films and sport – but then that’s what the holidays are for, right? Both our football (soccer to my American readers) teams won, so that was good :). I had planned to be watching Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull right about now, but for “legal reasons” it can’t be shown online :(. Instead, I’m watching a repeat of this morning’s Saturday Kitchen. I love cooking, but we have a tiny kitchen in the flat, so I’ve not really tried doing anything grander than sausage casserole – although OH’s stepson’s GF did do us a cracking Christmas dinner!

I’ve always been a big food fan – and always been overweight due to having hydrocephalus, a medical condition which impacts things like hand-eye co-ordination and balance, and thus my ability to play most sports well. That wasn’t to say I didn’t put the effort in at school, but that was more to do with the fact that I wanted to keep warm!